With an ever-growing number of countries trying to attract producers in search of cost effective solutions, impressive locations and national funding, the independent producer has reached a new stage where he has to consider the ever-changing funding resources available for his project on an international scale.

The final question to every producer in regards to financing is:

“what is the best and most realistic financial structure to get my movie made?"

Answering this issue is the purpose of Forecast Consulting Service.

We advise on the optimal financial structure for your project by providing a clear view of the rules in place and the means to draw them together in order to optimize the financial structure of your movie. Our precise knowledge of moviemaking regulations, tax breaks, subsidies and soft moneys in more than sixty countries worldwide allows us to offer new financing opportunities to the producers and arrange them to provide tailor-made financing scenarios through alternative combinations of resources. Using our unique proprietary database of over 1000 existing national subsidies, local tax breaks, labor credits and coproduction agreements, we are able to evaluate the impact of the different possible financing scenarios on the shooting locations, type of cast, nationality of crew to hire…

Our financial expertise and precise knowledge of tax breaks, subsidies and soft moneys has gathered praise from international partners and has established Forecast Pictures as an attractive coproducing partner for independent productions companies from abroad.
Forecast Pictures can therefore be used as the French partner of any coproduction, giving it access to French talents, crew and financing, for instance:
  • Just as others territories such as UK, France has a tax rebate mechanism of roughly 20% of qualifying production expenses.
  • The value of your movie can dramatically increase thanks to French elements that ease the process of selling to a French TV or distributor (StudioCanal, Wild Bunch...). Call it 'French Connection'.